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Innovating Towards the Future

Airplane Engine


Mission Statement
It is the goal of Griffin Incorporated to provide our customers with the best calibration and inspection related services available. We will always treat your concerns and questions as if they were our own. We believe that if we consistently exceed the expectations of our Customers that we will earn their trust and build lasting relationships.


Griffin Incorporated was founded in 2004 by Steven B. Griffin. His metrology experience began with the US Navy in 1979 where he received extensive calibration and repair training as an Instrument Repair Technician. Upon being Discharged under Honorable Conditions from military service Steve worked directly for a variety of aerospace and defense companies over a 25 year period. In 2004, Steve founded Griffin Incorporated. The company currently provides staffing, training, calibration, repair, and equipment sales support for a number of large and small aerospace, aircraft, machine and medical companies throughout the United States.

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