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Griffin staffs Calibration Technicians, Inspection personnel for Receiving and Inspection, Procurement/Purchasing personnel, and Administrative personnel for anything from data entry to equipment collection and processing so that you get the support you need right now, on a part time or full time basis as your needs dictate.

From training an entire staff of technicians to supplementing your existing workforce, we have served Clients including Parker CSD, Detroit Diesel, Moog Aircraft, and many others. We have the ability to internalize many of the calibrations YOUR EXISTING QUALITY OR CALIBRATION PROGRAM might otherwise send out to a commercial laboratory which causes delays and great expense.


Our people can perform ON-SITE inspection on your product, calibrate and repair some or all of your equipment internally and outsource the balance to our lab or to the appropriate source.

Often Clients choose us to provide Administrative personnel to reduce the burden of gathering equipment due for calibration and updating computer records, often placed on your senior personnel, at great savings to your bottom line.

The end result is that your internal and external costs will both likely be reduced. Internal costs can be reduced because we will do what it takes to work with you to optimize your spending, while internal calibration costs are reduced via Griffin routing your internal  jobs to our lab at an agreed upon rate.


Griffin Incorporated has the capability to calibrate many varied tools and products. We work with machine shops, defense contractors and a host of manufacturing and service companies on a daily basis to ensure that all of their compliance and measurement needs are met.


We have a large inventory of troubleshooting equipment and expert technicians that have decades of component level repair experience. We repair most major brand names like Starrett, Mitutoyo, Fluke and others. Additionally, should your equipment require repairs we do offer repair services on most of the equipment that we support. Rest assured, all equipment that you send in to us will receive a detailed repair quote prior to any repair work being done.


Consulting and Training are often services that work "hand-in-hand". Our staff frequently finds that a customer request for metrology training frequently leads to a brief consultation, often simply a suggestion, that results in massive improvements in quality or equipment downtime.


Consulting is something that almost any organization can benefit from. We have, in MANY instances, provided consulting THAT HAS RESULTED IN thousands of dollars in savings annually at little or no expense. When provided by someone that has the ability to accurately assess your specific needs, consulting doesn't have to be costly or complicated.


Training is a great option for businesses that already have internal inspection or calibration areas. 

We have trained a variety of people ranging in experience from novice to metrology engineers in a cost effective and prompt manner. This training may be anything from basic metrology concepts to in-depth training on a specific measurement process or even instrument repair techniques.


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