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                                            CONSULTING & TRAINING


CONSULTING and TRAINING are often services that work "hand-in-hand". We receive feedback from our staff from time to time. They often find a customer request for metrology training frequently leads to a brief consultation, often resulting in a suggestion that produces either cost savings in a process or improvements in quality.

TRAINING is a great option for businesses that already have internal inspection or calibration areas. 

We have trained a variety of people ranging in experience from novice to metrology engineers in a cost effective and prompt manner. This training may be anything from basic metrology concepts to in-depth training on a specific measurement process or even instrument repair techniques.

CONSULTING is something that almost any organization can benefit from. We have, in MANY instances, provided consulting THAT HAS RESULTED IN thousands of dollars in savings annually at little or no expense. When provided by someone that has the ability to accurately assess your specific needs, consulting doesn't have to be costly or complicated.


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